Friday, March 25, 2011

How to Install Spyware Doctor?

PC Tools Spyware Doctor is a program that protects your computer from spyware, the malicious computer software that can steal your data and personal information. Spyware Doctor scans your computer for and removes spyware. Spyware Doctor stays resident in your computer's memory to block spyware infections before they can happen. PC Tools hosts a free version of Spyware Doctor that you can download and install if you would like to try the program.

# Step 1: Open a Web browser and browse to the PC Tools Spyware Doctor website using the link in the Resources section of this article.

# Step 2: Click the green "Start Download Now" button. A download window appears. Select your desktop using the navigation window and click the "Save" button.

# Step 3: Double-click the file "sdsetup.exe" on your desktop when Spyware Doctor has finished downloading. The Spyware Doctor installation utility appears and begins downloading the latest spyware definitions from the Internet. When the progress bar is full, this process is complete. Click "Next."

# Step 4: Read the terms outlined in the Spyware Doctor license agreement. If you agree to the terms, select "I accept the agreement" and click "Next" twice.

# Step 5: Confirm that the "Automatically Install Updates" check box is selected so that Spyware Doctor automatically downloads new spyware definitions when they become available. Click "Install." At this point, Spyware Doctor may download additional updates. When the process is complete, the program loads automatically.

# Step 6: Click "Finish" to return to your desktop. Once installation is complete, you may delete the file "sdsetup.exe" from the desktop.