Sunday, August 21, 2011

Back Door Sdbot Bkv Trojan

The Back door sdbot bkv trojan is a trojan infection. You may have tried to remove this trojan problem with spybot paretologic anti-spyware with no success and are searching for a simple solution.

Sdbot bkv trojan, trojans problems are not viruses, these are malware that are usually hidden in a .exe file that you download online.

Here's are examples of how it may have happened and how you can avoid it.

1) Executing a .exe file that came from an email address you recognized.

2) You downloaded a .exe file that which resembled a file you were searching for.

3) You click on a "Click Here!" link in someones AOL instant messenger profile or downloaded in from MIRC chat relay, or some file sharing network.

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