Monday, July 4, 2011

Anti Spyware Software The Top Ten Programs

The amount of anti spyware software available these days is getting a bit ridiculous. Its no wonder many people don’t know who to trust, who to listen to and which software to use.

Some of the biggest issues that people experience are:
anti spyware software that has advertising attached with it and the promise of free software only to discover that the only genuinely free download is a scanner.

Both practices are neither helpful or encourage trust.

It seems to be widely accepted as the standard now that virtually everything you download will contain some sort of third party listening device or separate advertising campaign that will direct you to another website in an attempt to make a sale. How can supposed anti spyware software providers employ spyware or adware and expect to be trusted and taken seriously?

Spyware and adware is literally everywhere. It is used to produce relevant adverts when you browse and surf. It’s used to suggest relevant content. Virtually everything you do online now has some element of spyware or adware attached. It is the biggest single security issue and it’s estimated that ninety percent of computers with an internet connection are infected with some kind of spyware.

So anti spyware software is a must for all internet users. But which should you choose and who can you trust? That’s not always an easy question to answer. It depends on what you use the internet for, what you use your computer for and the type of information on it.

Good anti spyware software should have the ability to run on real time, update automatically and run quietly in the background without hogging resources. Software that slows a computer down and asserts too much control is a major reason why people neither like or trust software that is now a necessity.

The top ten anti spyware software (in no particular order) are:

Webroot Spysweeper
Super Anti Spyware
Spyware Doctor
Ad Aware
CA Anti Spyware
Malware Bytes Anti Malware
Anti Spy
Spyware Begone

Any one of the above anti spyware software programs will help to keep your computer secure but it’s recommended that you should purchase a product and not just rely on a free version.

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